Nakasendo Luggage Transfer Service

"Explore Nakasendo hassle-free! Our same-day luggage transport service not only operates from Magome to Tsumago but also from Nakatsugawa to Narai, allowing you to travel light. Enjoy the trail without the weight. NLTS - Your convenient partner in the journey, even in winter. Additionally, our online payment system makes the process seamless."
Nakasendo Luggage Transfer Service

Nakasendo Luggage Transfer Service



The fare depends on the distance and quantity of bags. We offer discounts for multiple pieces of luggage. Online payments through Stripe are also possible.

More Info

Please inquire through our quotation form first. There are luggage storage facilities along Nakasendo trail. I’ll provide you with more information.

If you are planning to walk the Nakasendo trail, why not inquire about our transport fare? Please feel free to ask me any questions.